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The Magics of Imagination

Somewhere, within the deepest corners of a person's mind, a powerful magic lays dormant, simply waiting to be released. So many hold this magic back; yet in all of us, it does exsist. Imagination. There are such things as Dragons. Unicorns. Pixies, witches, warlords, wizards. All of it lives within the mind of a creative person. Anyone can become this. Anyone can overcome reality, and grasp onto the raw power of one of the strongest things known to any. The Imagination.

The Hatchery
Mage's Library
Teleportation Chamber
Scrying Pool
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My site is far from finished. I am still learning the programing, all thanks to my good friend, Feenyoda. (A link to her page will go up as soon as I can figure out how to do that!)The Library of Mages and the Scrying Pool are not even up yet, and probably won't be for another day or two. My thanks, dear friends, and please come back soon. I will continue to add and build, but the limits of your imagination are nonexsistant. There are no limits; keep your heart set always on something more. Fare thee well.