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You stand at the entrance to the large cave, licking your dry lips nervously. After another moment of hesitation, you step forward bravely and move deeper into the cavern.

As you walk down the twisted corridors of stone, the heat becomes more intense, though the impenetrable darkness still remains.

You stop suddenly, surprised. A large door looms overhead, carved of stone. Oddly enough, it looks easy to open. Drawing a sharp breath, you push it inward, stone grating against stone and causing an echo to follow. A blast of hot air greets you and the scent of sulfur fills your flaring nostrils. A low rumble shakes the ground around you, and a deep, hissing voice whispers a word of magic.

The darkness lifts, and before you looms a dragon. Her scales are the purest silver, and the unnatural light causes them to glisten and cast odd shadows across the stone walls of the cavern. Her tail flicks lazily from side to side, and her azure eyes regard you intently. Her scaled lips part, showing rows of sharp teeth that are nearly as tall as you are. For a moment, you're certain you're about to become dinner. Then you come to realize that she is smiling.

"Greetings, traveler," she whispers (for if she talked in her normal tone it would probably blow you clear out of the cave)."My name is Starbreeze. Why have you come?" A thoughtful look passes over her face for a moment, and then she grimmaced. "You had better not be one of those annoying Knights, seeking glory or whatever other nonsense. I used to pretend I was losing at least a little before I defeated them, but that has become old, so, if you don't mind, I believe I'd like to skip that part."

She notes the dumbfounded look on your face and begins to laugh, the cavern rumbling. After a moment, she quiets herself, clearing her throat. "I suppose you're not a Knight. Very good, then. Have you come to care for one of the hatchlings? I am simply their caretaker; they will help spread the magic of belief and imagination." Her expression saddens momentarily. "Unfortunately, they are not yet ready to hatch. You are obviously worthy of one if you have made it this far, so please friend, do come back. One of these precious creatures will bring you great joy. I guarantee it."